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BASSI, Agostino

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Del mal del segno calcinaccio o moscardino malattia che affligge i bachi da seta e sul modo di liberarne le bigattaje anche le piu infestate. 2 vols.

Lodi: Tipografia Orcesi, 18351836.

Bassi preceded Louis Pasteur in the discovery that microorganisms can be the cause of disease (the germ theory of disease). He discovered that the muscardine disease of silkworms--a disease that was destroying the silk industry--was caused by a living, very small, parasitic organism, a fungus that would be named eventually Beauveria bassiana in his honor. To cure and prevent the disease Bassini recommended the use of disinfectants, separating the rows of feeding caterpillars, isolating and destroying infected caterpillars, and keeping the farms clean.

In demonstrating the parasitic nature of the muscardine disease of silkworms, Bassi also founded the doctrine of pathogenic microorganisms. His ideas inspired Henle (1840; No. 2533).

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Opere di Agostino Bassi n. a Mairago 1778-m. a Lodi 1856- scelte e pubblicate a cura del comitato nazionale per la ristampa auspice la Società medico-chirurgica di Pavia.

Pavia: Tipografia Cooperativa, 1925.

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