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RICHARDS, Alfred Newton

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The vasodilator action of histamine and of some other substances.

J. Physiol. (Lond.), 52, 110-65, 19181919.

Dale and Richards studied the effect of histamine on the control of the circulation and showed its peripheral action to be located in the capillaries and smaller arterioles.

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A description of the glomerular circulation in the frog’s kidney and observations concerning the action of adrenalin and various other substances upon it.

Amer. J. Physiol, 71, 178-208, 1924.

Richards made many experiments concerning the secretion of urine. Among other things he collected and analysed the fluid from a single glomerulus; his work confirmed the theories of Ludwig and Cushny.

Subjects: Ductless Glands: Internal Secretion › Adrenals, Genito-Urinary System › Kidney: Urinary Secretion, NEPHROLOGY › Renal Physiology
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Observations on the composition of glomerular urine with particular reference to the problem of reabsorption in the renal tubules.

Amer. J. Physiol., 71, 209-27, 1924.

Experimental proof that the initial step in urine production is the formation in Bowman’s space of a protein-free ultrafiltrate of plasma and that reabsorption of certain substances must occur in the tubules since they were present in the filtrate but absent from the final urine. One of the most significant of all publications in renal physiology.

Subjects: Genito-Urinary System › Kidney: Urinary Secretion, NEPHROLOGY › Renal Physiology