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TRAVERS, Benjamin

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A case of aneurism by anastomosis in the orbit, cured by the ligature of the common carotid artery.

Med.-chir. Trans., 2, 1-16, 1811.

Subjects: VASCULAR SURGERY › Ligations
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An inquiry into the process of nature in repairing injuries of the intestines.

London: Longman, 1812.

Travers’s researches on intestinal sutures recorded the first accurate knowledge on this subject.

Subjects: GASTROENTEROLOGY › Esophagus: Stomach: Duodenum: Intestines, SURGERY: General › Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery
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Observations upon the ligature of arteries, and the causes of secondary hemorrhage; with a suggestion of a new method of employing the ligature in cases of aneurism.

Med. chir. Trans., 4, [438]-468, 1813.

Digital facsimile from PubMedCentral at this link.

Subjects: VASCULAR SURGERY › Ligations
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Surgical essays. 2 vols.

London: Cox & Son, 18181819.

Cooper, the pupil and great interpreter of Hunter, was the most popular surgeon in London during the Regency. In 1802 he gained the Copley Medal of the Royal Society. Travers was surgeon to St. Thomas’s Hospital, and particularly distinguished himself in vascular surgery and ophthalmology. The book includes a description of “Cooper’s tumor”.

In 1817 Cooper ligated the abdominal aorta. The patient died next day, but examination showed that his aorta was so diseased that he could never have recovered, while the ligation was so well performed that with a lesser degree of aortic disease the man would probably have survived. Cooper published the report of this operation in Vol. 1, 101-30.

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A synopsis of the diseases of the eye.

London: Longman, 1820.

The earliest systematic treatise in English on diseases of the eye. The book became the authority in Europe and America. Travers, a pupil of Sir Astley Cooper, became surgeon to St. Thomas’s Hospital.

Subjects: OPHTHALMOLOGY › Diseases of the Eye