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MOYNIHAN, Berkeley George Andrew

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Diseases of the stomach and their surgical treatment.

London: Baillière, Tindall & Cox, 1901.

Subjects: GASTROENTEROLOGY › Diseases of the Digestive System, SURGERY: General › Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery
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Duodenal ulcer.

Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders, 1910.

Moynihan greatly advanced our knowledge of duodenal ulcer. He developed the concept of the so-called ulcer sequence, pain-food-ease, and he stressed the well-ordered sequence of symptoms. More than any other he established treatment of duodenal ulcer on a sound basis.

Subjects: GASTROENTEROLOGY › Diseases of the Digestive System › Gastric / Duodenal Ulcer
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Truants: The story of some who deserted medicine yet triumphed.

Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1936.

Discusses the careers of physicians who turned their attention to other pursuits, including Rabelais, Smollett, Doyle, Mitchell, and other writers as well as Livingstone and other explorers, etc.

Subjects: BIOGRAPHY (Reference Works), LITERATURE / Philosophy & Medicine & Biology, VOYAGES & Travels by Physicians, Surgeons & Scientists › History of Voyages & Travels by Physicians....