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LAUB, Donald R.

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The surgical construction of male genitalia for the female-to-male transsexual.

Plast. reconstr. Surg., 53, 511-516, 1974.

Order of authorship in the original publication: Noe, Birdsell, Laub.

Subjects: PLASTIC & RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY, SEXUALITY / Sexology › Transsexuality
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Proceedings of the second Interdisciplinary Symposium on Gender Dysphoria Syndrome. Edited by Donald R. Laub and Patrick Gandy.

Stanford, CA: Division of Reconstructive and Rehabilitation Surgery, 1974.

A symposium held at the Stanford University School of Medicine, February 2-4, 1973. It is probable that this is the first separate publication on the medical and surgical aspects of transsexuality -- male to female and female to male -- published by a medical school department. "The purpose of the meeting was to provide a forum for the exchange of scientific information about the patient who desires and is considered for gender re-identification.

"The symposium was sponsored by the Divisions of Urology and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Stanford School of Medicine. Its principal architect and chairman was Donald R. Laub, M.D., Chief of the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. [My understanding in writing this entry in 12-2019 was that the proceedings of the first symposium may not have been published.]

"Participants and contributors included 105 representatives of the major teams and private practitioners concerned with the diagnosis, evalutaion, and social adjustment of the gender dysphoric patient. The group included psychiatrists, surgeons, obstetricians and gynecologists, attorneys, psychologists, sociologists, and experts in epidemiologic and health services research. In addition to the United States, numerous representatives from Canada, Mexico, England, Morocco and Australia were present."

Among the pioneering discussions published in this symposium report was the first ever presentation by Georges Burou on the modern form of penile inversion MtF sex reassignment surgery that he originated during the1950s. Because Burou never published his techique except in this 1973 presentation, most of what is known about it historically comes from second-hand accounts of surgeons who observed him operating, or from surgeons who examinated Burou's patients and reverse-engineered the operation. The Wikipedia article on Burou, to which I have linked, is particularly informative about his work.

 "Following below is a paper presented by Dr. Georges Burou at the Second Interdisciplinary Symposium on Gender Dysphoria Syndrome. The symposium was held at the Stanford University School of Medicine in February 1973. This was the first time that Dr. Burou had publicly presented the details of his pioneering technique for MtF sex reassignment surgery. He had invented this technique 17 years earlier in 1956, and had continued to refine and improve it since then. By the time of this symposium, Dr. Burou had performed over 3000 such MtF SRS procedures at his "Clinique du Parc", located at 13 Rue La Pebie in Casablanca, Morocco. By then Dr. Burou's surgical technique had been "reverse engineered" and adopted by many other surgeons throughout the world who had seen the many results of his work. Dr. Burou's remarks were translated and appeared on pages 188-194 of the symposium proceedings. That translation and the surgical drawings Dr. Burou used in his presentation are reprinted below." (



Subjects: PLASTIC & RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY, SEXUALITY / Sexology › Transsexuality