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KELLY, Howard Atwood

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New York: W. Wood & Co., 1887.

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Gynaecological technique: A brief summary of the principles involved, as well as the technique involved in the gynæcological operations performed in the Johns Hopkins Hospital: The significance of the operation and its technical surroundings to gynaecological practice.

N. Y. J. Gyn & Obs., 2, 667-674, 1892.

Includes 14 photographic illustrations showing Kelly's gynecological operating room, antiseptic and aseptic apparatus, and his assistants preparing for surgery. The text includes descriptions of the apparatus and techniques for antiseptic and aseptic surgery.

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The examination of the female bladder and the catheterization of the ureters under direct inspection.

Johns Hopk. Hosp. Bull., 4, 101-02, 1893.

Kelly introduced aeroscopic examination of the bladder and catheterization of the ureters. See also Ann. Surg., 1898, 27, 475-86.

Subjects: UROLOGY
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Uretero-ureteral anastomosis; uretero-ureterostomy.

Ann. Surg., 19, 70-77, 1894.

Kelly’s method of uretero-ureteral anastomosis included the use of the catheter as a temporary ureteral splint.

Subjects: UROLOGY
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Women in medicine.

Bull. Johns Hopk. Hosp., 7, 50-52, 1896.

Kelly was one of the first influential male physicians in America to advocate for the advancement of women physicians. This presentation was primarily a review of Elizabeth Blackwell's Pioneering work in opening the medical profession to women (1895), presented at the [Johns Hopkins] Hospital Historical Club meeting of January 13, 1896.

Digital facsimile from Google Books at this link.

Subjects: WOMEN in Medicine & the Life Sciences, Publications About
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Operative gynecology. 2 vols.

New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1898.

Kelly, professor of gynecology at Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University, was a leading gynecologist in America. This work is notable for its 315 illustrations and ten plates, mostly by Max Brödel, the most famous medical illustrator in America from around 1890 to 1940. Digital facsimile from the Internet Archive at this link.

Subjects: Illustration, Medical, OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY › GYNECOLOGY, SURGERY: General › Notable Surgical Illustrations
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The removal of pelvic inflammatory masses by the abdomen after bisection of the uterus.

Amer. J. Obstet. Dis. Wom., 42, 818-39, 1900.

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Scratch-marks on the wax-tipped catheter as a means of determining the presence of stone in the kidney and in the ureter.

Amer. J. Obstet. Dis. Wom., 44, 441-54, 1901.

Kelly tipped the catheter with wax, so that it registered clearly any pressure from sharp stones. This became an important means of diagnosing calculi.

Subjects: NEPHROLOGY › Renal Disease › Renal Calculi (Kidney Stones), UROLOGY › Urinary Calculi
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Instruments for use through cylindrical rectal specula, with the patients in the knee-chest posture.

Ann. Surg., 37, 924-27, 1903.

Various rectal and vesical specula were designed by Kelly.

Subjects: Colon & Rectal Diseases & Surgery, INSTRUMENTS & TECHNOLOGIES › Medical Instruments
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The vermiform appendix and its diseases. With 399 original illustrations, some in colors, and 3 lithographic plates.

Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders, 1905.

The first comprehensive book on the pathology of the appendix. Many of the illustrations are by Max Brödel. Digital facsimile from the Internet Archive at this link.

Subjects: SURGERY: General › Appendicitis, WOMEN, Publications by › Years 1900 - 1999
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Walter Reed and yellow fever.

New York: McClure, Phillips & Co., 1906.

Digital facsimile of the revised edition published in 1907 from Google Books at this link.

Subjects: BIOGRAPHY (Reference Works) › Biographies of Individuals, INFECTIOUS DISEASE › VECTOR-BORNE DISEASES › Mosquito-Borne Diseases › Yellow Fever › History of Yellow Fever
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Some American medical botanists commemorated in our botanical nomenclature.

Troy, NY: The Southworth Company, 1914.

Digital facsimile from the Internet Archive at this link.

Subjects: BIOGRAPHY (Reference Works), BOTANY › History of Botany, BOTANY › Medical Botany, COUNTRIES, CONTINENTS AND REGIONS › United States
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Diseases of the kidneys, ureters and bladder, with special reference to the diseases in women. With 628 illustrations, for the most part by Max Brödel. By Howard A. Kelly and Curtis F. Burnham. 2 vols

New York & London: D. Appleton and Company, 1914.

Digital facsimile from Google Books at this link.

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American medical biographies.

Baltimore, MD: Norman, Remington Company, 1920.

Although the title page does not indicate it, this work was written by various physicians, including Kelly and Burrage, who also served as editors. It begins with a comprehensive bibliography of biographical literature on which the authors based many of the biographies. Digital facsimile of the 1920 edition from Google Books at this link.

Subjects: BIOGRAPHY (Reference Works)
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Catalogue of the mycological library of Howard A. Kelly. Compiled by Louis C. C. Krieger.

Baltimore, MD: Privately Printed, 1924.

The catalogue was prepared for Kelly by Louis Krieger, an eminent mycologist and botanical illustrator. Entries for this library were not numbered; however in his introduction Kelly stated that the library "herewith catalogued now numbers between seven and eight thousand titles."  Digital facsimile from the Biodiversity Heritage Library at this link.

Subjects: BIBLIOGRAPHY › Bibliographies of Natural History, BIBLIOGRAPHY › Catalogues of Physicians' / Scientists' Libraries, BOTANY › Cryptogams › Mycology, Mycology, Medical
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The scientific man and the bible: A personal testimony.

Philadelphia: The Sunday School Times Company, 1925.

Subjects: RELIGION & Medicine & the Life Sciences
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Dictionary of American medical biography. Lives of eminent physicians of the United States and Canada, from the earliest times.

New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1928.

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Snakes of Maryland.

Baltimore, MD: The Natural History Society of Maryland, 1936.

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The Dr. Howard A. Kelly library catalogue. By Walter Dewey Lantz.

Baltimore, MD: Walter D. Lantz, 19391941.

Parts 1-6.

Subjects: BIBLIOGRAPHY › Catalogues of Physicians' / Scientists' Libraries
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Dr. Kelly of Hopkins: Surgeon, Scientist, Christian.

Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1959.

Davis was a personal friend of Kelly for twenty years. She based this biography partly on Kelly's notebooks and journals that Kelly left her upon his death.

Subjects: BIOGRAPHY (Reference Works) › Biographies of Individuals