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LOEB, Jacques

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Der Heliotropismus der Thiere und seine Uebereinstimmung mit dem Heliotropismus der Pflanzen.

Würzburg: G. Hertz, 1890.

Loeb founded the theory of “tropisms” as the basis of the psychology of the lower forms of life. English translation in Loeb’s Studies in general physiology, Vol. 1, 1-88. Chicago, 1905.

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Ueber die Grenzen der Theilbarkeit der Eisubstanz.

Pflüg. Arch. ges. Physiol, 59, 379-94, 18941895.

English translation in Loeb’s Studies in general physiology, Vol.l., Chicago, 1905.

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On the nature of the process of fertilization and the artificial production of normal larvae (plutei) from the unfertilized eggs of the sea urchin.

Amer. J. Physiol., 3, 135-38, 1899.

Loeb first achieved parthenogenesis in 1899.

Subjects: EMBRYOLOGY, EMBRYOLOGY › Parthenogenesis
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Einleitung in die vergleichende Gehirnphysiologie und vergleichende Psychologie.

Leipzig & New York: J. A. Barth, 1899, 1900.

Subjects: NEUROSCIENCE › NERVOUS SYSTEM › Brain, including Medulla: Cerebrospinal Fluid, Neurophysiology
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The dynamics of living matter.

New York: Columbia University Press, 1906.

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Ueber den chemischen Character des Befruchtungvorgangs.

Leipzig: Wilhelm Engelmann, 1908.

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Die chemische Entwicklungserregung des tierischen Eies; künstiiche Parthenogenese.

Berlin: Julius Springer, 1909.

Artificial parthenogenesis. For Loeb’s first paper on this subject see No. 515.1. Translated and revised in Loeb’s Artificial parthenogenesis and fertilization, 1913.

Subjects: EMBRYOLOGY, EMBRYOLOGY › Parthenogenesis
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The mechanistic conception of life.

Chicago, IL: University Press, 1912.

This work established Loeb's reputation as a researcher who treated organisms as machines. He stated that biologists explain organic phenomena only when they could control those phenomena. Loeb first published the title essay in Popular Science Monthly, 80, 1912, 5-22.

Subjects: BIOLOGY
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Regeneration from a physico-chemical viewpoint.

New York: McGrawHill Book Co., 1924.

Subjects: BIOLOGY › Regeneration