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RATHKE, Martin Heinrich

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Die Physiologie als Erfahrungswissenschaft. Edited by Karl Friedrich Burdach. 6 vols.

Leipzig: Voss, 18261840.

Burdach’s great textbook of physiology was planned to run to 10 vols., but the death of his wife quenched his enthusiasm for the task. Parts of the text were written by von Baer, Rathke, Johannes Müller, R. Wagner and others, under the direction of Burdach. Von Baer’s contribution includes material also published the same year in Ueber Entwicklungsgeschichte der Thiere. Burdach’s unsatisfactory editing of it for Die Physiologie stimulated von Baer to have his own separate book published. See No. 479.

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Abhandlungen zur Bildungs-und Entwicklungs-Geschichte der Menschen und der Thiere. 2 pts.

Leipzig: F. C. W. Vogel, 18321833.

Rathke’s most notable discovery was of structures homologous with gill slits in bird and mammalian embryos. He discredited the vertebral theory of the skull.

Subjects: EMBRYOLOGY, ZOOLOGY › Ornithology
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Ueber die Entstehung der Glandula pituitaria.

Arch. Anat. Physiol. tviss. Med., 482-85, 1838.

Important description of the pituitary.

Subjects: Ductless Glands: Internal Secretion › Pituitary
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Entwicklungsgeschichte der Natter (Coluber natrix).

Königsberg: Bornträger, 1839.

“Rathke’s pouch”, a diverticulum from the embryonic buccal cavity.