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LEVINE, Philip

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A new agglutinable factor differentiating individual human bloods.

Proc. Soc. exp. Biol. (N.Y.), 24, 600-02, 1927.

Discovery of M and N agglutinogens. See also the same journal, pp. 941-42.

Subjects: HEMATOLOGY › Blood Groups
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An unusual case of intra-group agglutination.

J. Amer. med. Ass. 113, 126-27, 1939.

Discovery of the Rh antigen.

Subjects: HEMATOLOGY › Blood Groups, HEMATOLOGY › Immunohematology
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The rôle of iso-immunization in the pathogenesis of erythroblastosis fetalis.

Amer. J. Obstet. Gynec., 42, 925-37, 1941.

Erythroblastosis fetalis due to rhesus incompatibility (Rh disease) between mother and child. With L. Burnham, E. M. Katzin, and P. Vogel.

Subjects: GENETICS / HEREDITY › HEREDITARY / CONGENITAL DISEASES OR DISORDERS › Icterus Gravis Neonatorum, HEMATOLOGY › Blood Disorders, HEMATOLOGY › Immunohematology