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PHYSICK, Philip Syng

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A case of fracture of the os humeri, in which the broken ends of the bone not uniting the usual manner, a cure was effected by means of a seton.

Med. Repos.(2nd Ser.), 1, 122-24, 1804.

The first paper on orthopedic surgery published in the United States. Physick introduced the use of the seton in the treatment of ununited fractures.

Subjects: COUNTRIES, CONTINENTS AND REGIONS › United States , ORTHOPEDICS › Orthopedic Surgery & Treatments › Fractures & Dislocations
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Account of a new mode of extracting poisonous substances from the stomach.

Eclectic Repert., 3, 111-13, 380-81., 18121813.

Physick was the first, in 1805, to use a stomach tube for gastric lavage in a case of poisoning. He acknowledged the priority of Monro secundus in the invention of a similar instrument in 1767. For history of the stomach tube, see R. H. Major, Ann. med. Hist., 1934, n.s. 6, 500-09.

Subjects: GASTROENTEROLOGY › Esophagus: Stomach: Duodenum: Intestines
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Buck-skin and kid ligatures

Eclect. Repert., 6, 389-90, 1816.

Physick, the “Father of American surgery”, graduated at Edinburgh, having been a pupil of John Hunter. He introduced several new procedures in surgery, one of which was the use of absorbable kid and buckskin ligatures to replace silk or flax sutures then in use.

Subjects: SURGERY: General
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Extracts from an account of a case in which a new and peculiar operation for artificial anus was performed.

Philad. J. med. phys. Sci., 13, 199- 202, 1826.

Physick’s operation for artificial anus – colocutaneous fistula formed as a result of mortification from a strangulated hernia.

Subjects: Colon & Rectal Diseases & Surgery
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Description of a forceps, employed to facilitate the extirpation of the tonsil.

Amer. J. med. Sci., 2, 116-17, 1828.

Invention of the modern tonsillotome.

Subjects: INSTRUMENTS & TECHNOLOGIES › Surgical Instruments, OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY (Ear, Nose, Throat) › Laryngology