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Ueber das Ulerythema ophryogenes, eine noch nicht beschriebene Hautkrankheit.

Mh. prakt. Derm., 8, 197-208, 1889.

Ulerythema ophryogenes (“Taenzer’s disease”) first described.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4101

Sur une nouvelle forme de dermatite pustuleuse chronique en foyer à progression excentrique.

Congr. int. Derm. Syph., C. R. Paris, 1890, 344, 1889.

Pyodermite végétante. Hallopeau described a suppurative form of Neumann’s pemphigus vegetans.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4102

Acanthosis nigricans. In: Int. Atlas seltener Hautkrankheiten, Heft 4, plates x-xi

Hamburg, 1890.

First description of acanthosis nigricans.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4103

Ueber einen Fall von kongenitalem Adenoma sebaceum.

Mh. prakt. Derm. 10, 197-211, 1890.

Sebaceous adenoma, type Pringle.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4104

Infective angeioma or naevus-lupus.

Arch. Surg. (Lond.), 3, 166-68, 18911892.

Angioma serpiginosum.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4105


G. ital. Mal. vener., 26, 159-80, 260-76, 1891.

Mibelli gave the name to angiokeratoma although it had already been described by Cottle in 1877. It is also called “Mibelli’s disease”.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4106

Vier Fälle von Elephantiasis congenita hereditaria.

Virchow’s Arch. path. Anat., 125, 189-96, 1891.

First description of hereditary oedema of the legs, generally known as “Milroy’s disease” or as “Meige’s disease” (No. 4129).

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4107

Première note et observations préliminaires pour servir d’introduction à l’étude des prurigos diathésiques (dermites multiformes prurigineuses chroniques exacerbantes et paroxystiques, du type du prurigo de Hebra).

Ann. Derm. Syph. (Paris), 3 sér., 3, 634-48, 1892.

“Besnier’s prurigo”.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4108

Ueber eine eigenartige Form von Atrophia maculosa cutis.

Verh. dtsch. derm. Ges., 2-3, 342-58, 18901892.

“Jadassohn’s disease” – maculo-papular erythrodermia; Anetoderma erythematosum of Jadassohn.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4109

An undescribed variety of hereditary oedema.

N.Y. med. J., 56, 505-08, 1892.

Independently of Nonne (No. 4106) Milroy described congenital edema of the legs; it has been given the eponym “Milroy’s disease”.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4110

Drei Favusarten.

Mh. prakt. Derm., 14, 1-16, 1892.

Unna described the different fungi of favus. He founded the above-mentioned journal, and he is one of the most eminent figures in modern dermatology.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4113

Dystrophie papillaire et pigmentaire.

Ann. Derm. Syph. (Paris), 3 sér., 4, 865-75, 1893.

Acanthosis nigricans.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4114

Contributo allo studio della ipercheratosi dei canali sudoriferi (porokeratosis).

G. ital. Mal. vener. 28, 313-55, 1893.

Mibelli is sometimes credited with the original description of porokeratosis (“Mibélli’s disease”), but Neumann described it in 1875 under the name of “dermatitis circumscripta herpetiformis”. See No. 4068.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4115

Di una ipercheratosi non ancora descritta.

G. ital. Mal. vener. 28, 356-86, 1893.

First description of hyperkeratosis excentrica, porokeratosis.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4116

La teigne trichophytique et la teigne spéciale de Gruby.

Paris: Rueff & Cie, 1894.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4117

Étude sur le parasite du “pied de Madura”.

Ann. Inst. Pasteur, 8, 129-51, 1894.

Isolation of Streptothrix (Actinomyces) madurae.

Subjects: BACTERIOLOGY › BACTERIA (mostly pathogenic; sometimes indexed only to genus) › Gram-Negative Bacteria › Actinomyces, DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
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Lichen ruber acuminatus und Lichen ruber planus.

Arch. Derm. Syph. (Wien), 31, 1-32, 1895.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4121

On the visceral complication of erythema exudativum multiforme.

Amer. J. med. Sci., 110, 629-46, 1895.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4122

Des “tubercules” cutanées.

Ann. Derm. Syph. (Paris), 3 sér., 7, 1431-36, 1896.

Darier grouped together, under the heading “tuberculides”, the skin eruptions associated with tuberculosis.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, INFECTIOUS DISEASE › Tuberculosis
  • 4123

A peculiar affection of the mucous membrane of the lips and the oral cavity.

J. cutan, gen.-urin. Dis. 14, 413-19, 1896.

Fordyce, remembered for the description of “Fox–Fordyce disease”, also described a pseudocolloid of the buccal mucosa, which is known as “Fordyce’s disease”.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4125

Sopra una dermatosi telangettode non ancora descritta “Purpura annularis” “Telangectasia follicularis annulata” studio clinico.

G. ital. Mal. vener. 31, 242-43, 1896.

Purpuraannularis telangiectodes (Majocchi) first described.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4126

La séborrhée grasse et la pelade.

Ann. Inst. Pasteur, 11, 134-59, 1897.

Acne bacillus first cultivated.

Subjects: BACTERIOLOGY › BACTERIA (mostly pathogenic; sometimes indexed only to genus) › Gram-Positive Bacteria › Cutibacterium acnes, DERMATOLOGY
  • 4127

On refractory subcutaneous abscesses caused by a fungus possibly related to the sporotricha.

Johns Hopk. Hosp. Bull. 9, 286-90, 1898.

Schenck first described a form of sporotrichosis, due to a pathogenic fungus, which later became known as Sporotrichum beurmanni, after more thorough studies upon it by de Beurmann in 1903.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, Mycology, Medical
  • 4128

Multipelt benignt hud-sarcoid.

Norsk Mag. Laegevid, 4 R., 14, 1321-34, 1899.

The syndrome of benign sarcoid (“Boeck’s sarcoid”) was first established by Boeck. English translation in J. cutan. gen.-urin. Dis., 1899, 17, 543-50. In 1940 Danbolt (Schweiz. med. Wschr., 1947, 77, 1149-50) reexamined Boeck’s original patient, then aged 80.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4129

Le trophoedème chronique héréditaire.

N. Iconogr. Salpêtr., 12, 453-80; 14, 465-72, 1899, 1901.

“Meige’s disease” – first described by Nonne (No. 4106).

  • 4130

Ueber Scleroedem.

Berl. klin. Wschr., 39, 955-7. Arch. Derm. Syph. (Wien), 53, 383-6, 1902, 1900.

Scleroedemaadultorum syndrome of Buschke.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4131

Du naevus variqueux ostéo-hypertrophique.

Arch. gén. Méd., 185, 641-672, 1900.

“Klippel–Trenaunay syndrome”.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4131.1

Un nuevo esporozoario parásito del hombre. Dos casos encontrados en pólipos nasales: Tesis presentada para optar al grado de doctor en medicina.

Buenos Aires: Univ. Nac. de Buenos Aires, 1900.

Rhinosporidiosis first described. Digital facsimile from at this link.

Subjects: COUNTRIES, CONTINENTS AND REGIONS › Argentina, DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, Latin American Medicine, Mycology, Medical, PARASITOLOGY
  • 4132

Cutis laxa. Neigung zu Haemorrhagien in der Haut, Lockerung mehrerer Artikulationen.

Derm. Z., 8, 173-74, 1901.

Description of the syndrome to which the name “Ehlers–Danlos syndrome” was later attached (see also No. 4144), earlier described by Tschernogubow: Cutis laxa, Mh. prakt. Derm., 1892, 14, 76.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4133

Ueber eine eigenartige Erkrankung der Nasenhaut bei Kindern (“Granulosis rubra nasi”).

Arch. Derm. Syph. (Wien), 58, 145-158, 1901.

In his important paper on granulosis rubra nasi, Jadassohn gave the condition its present name. Previously Pringle, 1894, and Luithlen, 1900, had described probable cases.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4134

A peculiar progressive pigmentary disease of the skin.

Brit. J. Derm., 13, 1-5, 1901.

Schamberg’s progressive pigmentary dermatosis; first description.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4135

Les parapsoriasis.

Ann. Derm. Syph. (Paris), 4 sér., 3, 313-15, 433-68, 1902.

“Brocq’s disease”; he proposed the term “parapsoriasis” for the condition which had previously been described under various names and often mistaken for other dermatoses.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4137

Two cases of a rare papular disease affecting the axillary region.

J. cutan, gen.-urin. Dis. 20, 1-5, 1902.

“Fox–Fordyce disease”. These writers described a papular, itchy eruption, confined to the axillae, nipples and pubes, and considered to be due to a dysfunction of the apocrine glands.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4138

Ueber Acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans.

Arch. Derm. Syph., (Wien), 61, 57-76, 1902.

Taylor described the condition in 1876 (No. 4069) and Herxheimer and Hartmann named it, separating it from other atrophies which had been called by a number of different names.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4139

Pityriasis et alopécies pelliculaires.

Paris: Masson & Cie, 1904.

Classic account of the different varieties of Trichophyton.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4140

Zur Kenntnis des Virus des Molluscum contagiosum des Menschen.

Dtsch. med. Wschr. 31, 1598-99, 1905.

Juliusberg showed that the virus of molluscum contagiosum passed a Chamberland filter.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, VIROLOGY
  • 4141

Fall zur Diagnose (Poikiloderma vascularis atrophicans).

Verh. dtsch. derm. Ges., (1906), Berlin, 9, 321-23, 1907.

First description.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4142

Innesto positivo con filtrato de verruca volgare.

G. ital. Mal. vener. 42, 12-17, 1907.

Ciuffo presented the first demonstration that a cell-free agent could induce a human tumor. He induced human warts on his own hand with a bacteria-free filtrate (a virus) prepared from excised wart tissue. The significance of this finding was not recognized at the time. 

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, VIROLOGY
  • 4143

Ueber eine neue knötchenförmige Hauteruption; Lichen nitidus.

Arch. Derm. Syph. (Wien), 85, 11-36, 1907.

Original description of lichen nitidus, “Pinkus’s disease”. Pinkus first showed a case before the Berlin Dermatological Society on 3 Dec, 1901, and named it “lichen nitidus”.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4144

Un cas de cutis laxa avec tumeurs par contusion chronique des coudes et des genoux.

Bull. Soc. franς. Derm. Syph., 19, 70-72, 1908.

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (see also No. 4132). Danlos noted the subcutaneous tumors that may occur in this condition.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, ONCOLOGY & CANCER
  • 4145

Ueber Erythrodermia desquamativa, eine eigenartige universelle Dermatose der Brustkinder.

Arch. Derm. Syph. (Wien), 89, 65-76, 163-90, 1908.

Desquamative erythroderma of nurslings (Leiner); apparently a toxic eruption peculiar to breast-fed children suffering from enteritis.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, PEDIATRICS
  • 4145.1

Ueber eine “Febris uveo-parotidea subchronica”, an der Glandula parotis und der Uvea des Auges lokalisiert und häufig mit Paresen cerebrospinaler Nerven kompliziert

v. Graefes Arch. Ophthal. 70, 254-73, 1909.

“Heerfordt’s syndrome”, uveo-parotid fever, a form of sarcoidosis.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4146

Érythroplasia du gland.

Bull. Soc. franç. Derm. Syph. 22, 378-382, 1911.

Erythroplasia of Queyrat, a condition similar to the precancerous dermatosis described by Bowen (No. 4148).

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4147

Les sporotrichoses.

Paris: F. Alean, 1912.

First complete description of sporotrichosis (“de Beurmann–Gougerot disease”).

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4148

Precancerous dermatosis. A study of two cases of chronic atypical epithelial proliferation.

J. cutan. gen.-urin. Dis., 30, 241-55, 1912.

Bowen, a Boston dermatologist, first described a precancerous dermatosis (“Bowen’s disease”), which is now considered to be a variant of an intra-epidermal basal cell epithelioma.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, ONCOLOGY & CANCER
  • 4149

Étude sur le lupus pernio et ses rapports avec les sarcoïdes et la tuberculose.

Ann. Derm. Syph. (Paris), 5 sér., 6, 357-73, 1917.

“Besnier–Boeck–Schaumann disease” (see also Nos. 4095, 4128). Through Schaumann’s paper the systemic nature of sarcoidosis came to be recognized.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4150

A new eruptive fever associated with stomatitis and ophthalmia; report of two cases in children.

Amer. J. Dis. Child. 24, 526-33, 1922.

“Stevens-Johnson syndrome”, a generalized eruption, continued fever, inflamed buccal mucosa, and severe purulent conjunctivitis. B.A. Thomas (Brit. med. J., 1950, 1, 1393) believes this to be merely a severe form of Hebra’s erythema multiforme exudativum (No. 4049, p. 198).

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, OPHTHALMOLOGY › Diseases of the Eye › Conjunctivitis, PEDIATRICS
  • 4150.1

Erythro- et keratodermia variabilis in a mother and daughter.

Acta dermatovener. (Stockh), 6, 255-61, 1925.

“Mendes Da Costa’s syndrome” – erythrokeratoderma variabilis.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4151

A case of relapsing non-suppurative nodular panniculitis, showing phagocytosis of subcutaneous fat-cells by macrophages.

Brit. J. Derm. 37, 301-11, 1925.

Weber–Christian disease (see No. 4152).

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, IMMUNOLOGY, IMMUNOLOGY › Phagocytosis
  • 4151.1

Über Myome, ausgehend von der quergestreiften willkürlichen Muskulatur.

Virchows Arch. path. Anat., 260, 215-33, 1926.

“Abrikosov’s tumor”, granular-cell myoblastoma.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, ONCOLOGY & CANCER
  • 4151.2

An unusual type of pemphigus, combining features of lupus erythematosus.

Arch. Derm. Syph. (Chicago), 13, 761-81, 1926.

Pemphigus erythematodes. “Senear–Usher syndrome”.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4152

Relapsing febrile nodular nonsuppurative panniculitis.

Arch. intern. Med. 42, 338-51, 1928.

See No. 4151.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4152.1

Familial benign chronic pemphigus.

Arch. Derm. (Chicago), 39, 679-85, 1939.

Hailey–Hailey disease”, earlier described by H. Gougerot, Arch. derm. – syph. Clin. St Louis, 1933, 5, 255-57.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4153

En ny og spesifikk kutan-reaksjon ved Boecks sarcoid. En foreløbig meddelelse.

Nord. Med., 9, 169-72, 1941.

Kveim’s test for sarcoidosis.

  • 4154

Dermatite papulo-squameuse atrophiante.

Bull. Soc. franç. Derm. Syph. 49, 148-50, 281, 1942.

“Degos’s disease”, malignant atrophic papulosis. With J. Delort and R. Tricot. Earlier described by W. Köhlmeier, Frankf. Z. Path., 1940, 54, 413.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4154.1

Melanomas of childhood.

Amer. J. Path., 24, 591-609, 1948.

Spitz first defined the histologic criteria for the diagnosis of juvenile melanoma.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Dermatopathology, DERMATOLOGY › Skin Cancer › Melanoma, ONCOLOGY & CANCER › Melanoma, PEDIATRICS, WOMEN, Publications by › Years 1900 - 1999
  • 4154.2

Concurrent melanosis and hypertrichosis in distribution of nevus unius lateris.

Arch. Derm. (Chicago), 60, 155-60, 1949.

“Becker’s nevus”, pigmented hairy epidermal nevus.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4154.3

Balanitis circumscripta chronica met plasmacellen-infiltraat.

Ned. T. Geneesk., 94, 1529-30, 1950.

Zoon’s plasma cell balanitis.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4154.4

A new syndrome combining developmental anomalies of the eyelids, eyebrows and nose root with pigmentary defects of the iris and head hair with congenital deafness.

Amer. J. hum. Genet. 3, 195-253, 1951.

“Waardenburg’s syndrome”.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses, GENETICS / HEREDITY › HEREDITARY / CONGENITAL DISEASES OR DISORDERS › Waardenburg Syndrome, OTOLOGY › Physiology of Hearing
  • 4154.5

Alopecia mucinosa. Inflammatory plaques with alopecia characterized by root-sheath mucinosis.

Arch. Derm. (Chicago), 76, 419-26, 1957.

Follicular mucinosis.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4154.6

A unique case of trichorrhexis nodosa – “bamboo hairs”.

Arch. Derm. (Chicago), 78, 483-7, 1958.

“Netherton’s syndrome”.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4154.7

Isolation of Blastomyces dermatitidis from soil.

Science, 133, 1126-7, 1961.

With E.S. McDonough, L. Ajello and R.J. Ausherman.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › Specific Dermatoses
  • 4154.8

Genetic classification of ichthyosis.

Arch. Derm. (Chicago), 92, 1-6, 1965.

Sex-linked recessive ichthyosis shown to be an important but not uncommon entity. See also Kerr & Wells: Sex-linked ichthyosis. Ann. hum. Genet., 1965, 29, 33-50.

  • 4155

Geschichte der Dermatologie, geographische Verteilung der hautkrankheiten Nomenklatur. (Handbuch der Haut- und Geschlechtskrankheiten, Bd. 14, 2. T.)

Berlin: Julius Springer, 1928.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › History of Dermatology
  • 4156

The history of dermatology.

Springfield, IL: Charles C Thomas, 1933.

Reprinted, New York, 1976.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › History of Dermatology
  • 4158

Classics in clinical dermatology. With biographical sketches.

Springfield, IL: Charles C Thomas, 1953.

Contains 143 classic descriptions of cutaneous diseases by 93 writers. Many portraits are also included.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › History of Dermatology
  • 4158.1

Kurze Geschichte der Dermatologie und Venereologie und ihre kulturgeschichtliche Spiegelung.

Hannover: T. Oppermann, 1954.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › History of Dermatology, INFECTIOUS DISEASE › History of Infectious Disease, INFECTIOUS DISEASE › SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES › Syphilis › History of Syphilis
  • 4158.2

The dermatology and syphilology of the nineteenth century.

New York: Praeger, 1981.

A scholarly work written in a particularly entertaining style.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › History of Dermatology, INFECTIOUS DISEASE › SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES › Syphilis › History of Syphilis
  • 4158.3
  • 5546.10

Introduction to the history of medical and veterinary mycology.

Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1986.

Authoritative and well-illustrated history with excellent chronological bibliography.

Subjects: DERMATOLOGY › History of Dermatology, Mycology, Medical, VETERINARY MEDICINE › History of Veterinary Medicine
  • 4159

Methodus cognoscendi, extirpandique excrescentes in vesicae collo carunculas.

[Rome]: Valerio y Luis Doricos, 1551.

 In the above work, Laguna, the "Spanish Galen," described a method of excising vesical caruncles for the first time. Digital facsimile from the Internet Archive at this link.

Subjects: UROLOGY
  • 4160

Tratado de todas las enfermedades de los riñones, vexiga, y carnosidades de la verga, y urina.

Madrid: Fr. Sanchez, 1588.

First treatise on diseases of the urinary tract. Also describes the high operation for stone. Diaz is sometimes called the “Father of Urology”.

Subjects: UROLOGY
  • 4160.1

The pisse-prophet; or, certaine pisse-pot lectures. Wherein are newly discovered the old fallacies, deceit, and jugling of the pisse-pot science, used by all those… who pretend knowledge of diseases, by the urine….

London: E.P. for R. Thrale, 1637.

Brian attacked the “pisse-mongers” and “pisse-prognosticators” hoping to eliminate the frauds of uromancy. He warned patients against diagnosis “prescribed only by the sight of the Urine”, and argued that uroscopy should be performed by “University trained physicians”.

Subjects: UROLOGY
  • 4161
  • 4204.1

Exercitationes medicae practicae circa medendi methodum.

Leiden & Amsterdam: D. Abrahamum et Adrianum à Gaesbeck, 1673.

This work contains the first clear description of proteinuria, noting precipitation of urine with heat or acetic acid. Albuminuria was first described by Dekkers (Chapter V). A translation of this chapter is in Major, Classic descriptions of disease, 3rd ed., 1945, p. 528.

Subjects: NEPHROLOGY › Renal Disease
  • 4162
  • 762.1

De urinis et pulsibus de missione sanguinis de febribus de morbis capitis, et pectoris.

Bologna: Ex typographia Antonii Pisarii, 1683.

Bellini began to develop his hydraulic iatromechanics in this work, in which he considered the blood as a physical fluid with simple mechanical and mathematicizable properties.  He realized the value of the urine as an aid to diagnosis and insisted on its chemical analysis in pathological conditions.

  • 4163

Mémoire sur quelques obstacles qui s’opposent à l’éjaculation naturelle de la semence.

Mém. Acad. roy. Chir. (Paris) 1, 425-34, 1743.

“Peyronie’s disease”, a noncancerous condition resulting from fibrous scar tissue that develops on the penis and causes curved, and sometimes painful erections.

Subjects: UROLOGY
  • 4164

Practical remarks on the hydrocele or watry rupture.

London: C. Hitch & L. Hawes, 1762.

Classic description of hydrocele.

Subjects: UROLOGY
  • 2122
  • 2609
  • 4165

Chirurgical observations relative to the cataract, the polypus of the nose, the cancer of the scrotum, etc.

London: L. Hawes, 1775.

Includes the first description of occupational cancer. By describing chimney sweeps” cancer of the scrotum, Pott was the first to trace the origin of a type of cancer to a specific external cause. The above work also includes his description of senile gangrene, sometimes referred to as “Pott’s gangrene”.

  • 4165.01

Traité des maladies des voies urinaires. 2 vols.

Paris: L'Auteur & Croullebois (Vol. 2), 17911792.

Chopart and Desault were the founders of urological surgery, both emphasizing the importance of considering the urinary tract as a whole. “They were close friends and were both able clinicians, surgeons and teachers. Desault was a brilliant lecturer who wrote little while Chopart, a poor speaker, published an outstanding textbook on urology” (Desnos, transl. Murphy).

Subjects: UROLOGY
  • 2927
  • 4165.02
  • 5580

Oeuvres chirurgicales de P. J. Desault....ou tableau de sa doctrine & de sa pratique dans le traitement des maladies externes. Ouvrage publié par Xav. Bichat, son èlève. 3 vols.

Paris: la C. Ve. Desault & Méquignon l'aîné, 17981799.

Desault was one of the first professors at the École Pratique de Chirurgie, Paris. He made many suggestions regarding the treatment of fractures and dislocations and is one of the founders of modern vascular surgery. In Remarques et observations sur l’opération de l’anévrisme (Vol. 2,  553-80) he described his technique of tying blood vessels for the treatment of aneurism.  Desault was Xavier Bichat’s teacher, and Bichat edited the first edition of this set.
In the second edition (3 vols., 1801-3) volume 3, which concerns urological diseases, was edited by P. J. Roux. With Chopart, Desault founded urological surgery, and was one of the first to have a clear understanding of urological disease. Vol. 1 was translated into English as A Treatise on Fractures, luxations and other affections of the bones, Philadelphia, 1805. The translation of vols. 2 & 3 was entitled The Surgical Works, 2 vols., Philadelphia, 1814. Desault edited the first journal specifically on surgery: Journal de chirurgie, 4 vols., 1791-92. 

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Un moyen d’éclairer l’urètre et la vessie de manière à voir dans l’intérieur de ces organes.

Rev. méd. franç, étrang. 1, 157-8, 1827.

Urethro-cystic speculum (endoscope).

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Observations on the structure and diseases of the testis.

London: Longmans, 1830.

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On the anatomy and diseases of the neck of the bladder, and of the urethra.

London: Burgess & Hill, 1834.

Guthrie was the first to describe non-prostatic obstruction at the neck of the bladder. On p. 252 of the above work is an account of Guthrie’s prostatic catheter for use in trans-urethral prostatectomy.

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Mémoire sur un moyen très simple et très sur de pratiquer le cathétérisme dans les cas même les plus difficiles.

C. R. Acad. Sci. (Paris), 20, 70-72, 1845.

Maisonneuve introduced a hair catheter.

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Sur les cathéters coudés, sur la manière de les introduire et sur les avantages qu’on peut rétirer de leur emploi.

Gaz. Hôp. Paris, 2 sér., 7, 13-15, 1845.

Mercier introduced the coudé catheter in 1836 and the bicoudé about 1841.

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Cystitis; lateral operation on the bladder, death; tuberculous kidney.

N Y. J. Med. n.s. 7, 83-86, 1851.

First cystotomy for inflammation and rupture of the bladder.

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Ectropia vesicae (absence of the anterior walls of the bladder and pubic abdominal parietes); operation for directing the orifices of the ureters into the rectum; temporary success; subsequent death; autopsy.

Lancet, 2, 568-70, 1852.

First uretero-intestinal anastomosis.

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Ein Fall von intermittirender Albumenurie und Chromaturie.

Virchows Arch. path. Anat. 6, 264-66, 1854.

Paroxysmalcold hemoglobinuria described. English translation in No. 2241.

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Plastic operation for exstrophy of the bladder in the male; reported by S. D. Gross.

N. Amer. med.-chir. Rev., 3, 710-11, 1859.

Pancoast performed the first successful operation for exstrophy of the bladder (ectopia vesicae).

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On intermittent haematuria; with remarks upon its pathology and treatment.

Med.-chir. Trans., 48, 161-73, 1865.

Harley’s classic description of paroxysmal hemoglobinuria, “Harley’s disease”.

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De l’endoscope et de ses applications au diagnostic et au traitement des affections de l’urèthre et de la vessie.

Paris: J.-B. Baillière, 1865.

Desormeaux was a pioneer of endoscopy. Digital facsimile from Google Books at this link.

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Clinical lectures on diseases of the urinary organs.

London: John Churchill, 1868.

Thompson was Professor of Clinical Surgery at University College, London, and an eminent genito-urinary surgeon. He performed the operation of lithotrity upon Leopold I and Napoleon III; he also developed the two-glass urine test in gonorrhoea. The versatile Victorian, a biography of Thompson, was published by Sir Zachary Cope in 1951.

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Exstirpation eines Harnblasenmyoms nach vorausgehendem tiefen und hohen Blasenschnitt. Heilung.

Arch. klin. Chir., 18, 411-423, 1875.

First abdominal resection of a tumor of the bladder. The operation was performed by Billroth.

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Sondirung des Harnleiters mit Hilfe des Endoskops.

Wien. med. Presse, 17, 919, 949, 1876.

Successful catheterization of the ureter under vision.

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Eine neue Beobachtungs- und Untersuchungsmethode für Harnröhre, Harnblase und Rectum.

Wien. med. Wschr., 29, 649-52, 688-90, 713-16, 776-82, 806-10, 1879.

Nitze devised an electrically lighted cystoscope in 1877, which made possible great improvements in the surgery of the bladder.

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Ueber eine neue Form von Haemoglobinurie beim Menschen.

Berl. klin. Wschr., 18, 691-94, 1881.

First description of “march hemoglobinuria” – the condition in which physical exertion gives rise to the passage of red urine containing hemoglobin in solution.

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Leçons cliniques sur les maladies des voies urinaires.

Paris: J.-B. Baillière, 1881.

Guyon was the outstanding French urologist of his day, an operator of great skill and a brilliant lithotomist.

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On the occurrence of micro-organisms in fresh urine.

Brit. med. J., 2, 623-5, 1881.

Roberts reported a relationship between the finding of bacteria in the urine and the development of cystitis after catheterization.

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Die Albuminurie im gesunden und kranken Zustande.

Berlin: A. Hirschwald, 1882.

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The hydrochlorate of cocaine in genito-urinary procedures.

N.Y. med. J., 40, 635-37, 1884.

Local anesthesia first employed in urology.

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On tumours of the bladder.

London: J. & A. Churchill, 1884.

Includes description of Thompson’s operation for tumors of the bladder.

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On cyclic albuminuria (albuminuria in the apparently healthy).

Brit. med. J., 2, 789-91, 1885.

“Pavy’s disease” – recurrent albuminuria.

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Some observations on rupture of the urinary bladder, with an account of two cases of intra-peritoneal rupture successfully treated by abdominal section and subsequent suture of the vesical rent.

Lancet, 2, 1118-22, 1886.

MacCormac introduced an operation for the treatment of intraperitoneal rupture of the bladder.

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Leçons cliniques sur les affections chirurgicales de la vessie et de la prostate.

Paris: J.-B. Baillière, 1888.

Guyon was Professor of genitourinary surgery at Paris, and a great teacher (see also No. 4177).

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Zur Operation der angeborenen Blasenspalte.

Zbl. Chir., 26, 641-3, 1889.

First enterocystoplasty.

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Lehrbuch der Kystoskopie.

Wiesbaden: J. F. Bergmann, 1889.

Nitze introduced the cystoscope in 1877 (see No. 4175) and in 1889 published his important monograph on cystoscopy.

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Über Blasenekstirpation.

Wien. med. Wschr., 41, 1814-6, 1891.

First successful total cystectomy.

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Les tumeurs de la vessie.

Paris: G. Steinheil, 1891.

Includes description of “Albarran’s glands”, subtrigonal glands in the bladder. He introduced a classification based on embryological origin. See also No. 4195.

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Catheterization of the male ureters. A preliminary report.

Johns Hopk. Hosp. Bull., 4, 73-74, 1893.

First catheterization of male ureters.

Subjects: UROLOGY
  • 4186

The surgery of the ureters. A clinical, literary, and experimental research.

J. Amer. med. Assoc., 21, 911-16, 965-73, 1893.

Uretero-ureterostomy. Van Hook originated modern methods of ureteral repair.

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  • 4187

The examination of the female bladder and the catheterization of the ureters under direct inspection.

Johns Hopk. Hosp. Bull., 4, 101-02, 1893.

Kelly introduced aeroscopic examination of the bladder and catheterization of the ureters. See also Ann. Surg., 1898, 27, 475-86.

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Uretero-ureteral anastomosis; uretero-ureterostomy.

Ann. Surg., 19, 70-77, 1894.

Kelly’s method of uretero-ureteral anastomosis included the use of the catheter as a temporary ureteral splint.

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Ueber die Radikaltherapie der Ektopia vesicae urinariae.

Wien. med. Wschr., 44, 1113-5, 1169-72, 1209-10, 1256-8, 1297-1301, 1894.

Maydl’s operation, uretero-intestinal anastomosis.

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Vessie et urètre surnuméraires.

Bull. Acad. Méd. (Paris), 3 sér., 33, 542-45, 1895.

Péan was first to operate on diverticula of the bladder.

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  • 4190

Eine neue Modifikation des Harnleiterkatheters.

Zbl. Krankh. Ham-u. SexOrg., 8, 8-13, 1897.

With Nitze’s operative cystoscope it became possible to excise bladder tumors in situ.

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  • 4191

Operation for undescended testicle and congenital inguinal hernia.

J. Amer. med. Assoc., 33, 773-77, 1899.

Bevan’s operation for undescended testicle.

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  • 4191.1

Sonde urétérale opaque. In Traité de chirurgie, 2e ed. vol. 7, p. 414.

Paris: Masson & Cie, 1899.

Tuffier made the first pioneer attempt to visualize the urinary tract by the combination of an opaque ureteral styletted catheter and radiography.

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Extirpation einer Harnblase mit Einpflanzung der Ureteren in die Flexura iliaca.

Dtsch. med. Wschr., 29, Ver.-Beil., 76 (only), 1903.

Total cystectomyand bilateral ureterosigmoidostomy.

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  • 4191.3

Zur Technik der Röntgenphotographie (Lendenwirbel, Blasensteine).

Fortschr. Röntgenstr., 7, 26-7, 1903.

Cystography. Wittek filled the bladder with air and was able to demonstrate vertebrae and urinary calculus.

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  • 4191.4

Verwendbarkeit der X-Strahlen für die Diagnose der Blasendifformitäten.

Fortschr. Röntgenstr., 8, 193-4, 19041905.

Wulff outlined the bladder with a suspension of bismuth subnitrate.

Subjects: UROLOGY
  • 4192

Die Gestalt der menschlichen Harnblase im Röntgenbilde.

Münch. med. Wschr., 52, 1576-78, 1905.

First cystograms.

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  • 4194

The operative treatment of acute gonorrheal epididymitis.

Med. Rec. (N. Y), 70, 944-46, 1906.

Hagner devised the open operation for the relief of acute epididymitis.

  • 4194.1

The treatment of malignant diseases of the bladder through suprapubic incision, with report of a case.

Amer. Quart. Roentgenol., 1, 53-56, 19061907.

Radiotherapy for carcinoma of bladder.

Subjects: ONCOLOGY & CANCER › Carcinoma, ONCOLOGY & CANCER › Radiation (Radiotherapy), UROLOGY
  • 4195

Médecine opératoire des voies urinaires.

Paris: Masson & Cie, 1909.

Albarran, a Cuban, became a teacher of the highest rank and attained a professorship at Paris in 1892. He was the first surgeon in France to perform perineal prostatectomy.

Subjects: UROLOGY › Prostate
  • 4195.1

A new direct irrigating observation and double catheterizing cystoscope.

Ann. Surg., 49, 225-37, 1909.

Brown–Buerger cystoscope.

Subjects: UROLOGY
  • 4196

The technique of orcheopexy.

N.Y. med. J., 90, 948-53, 1909.

Torek’s operation for undescended testicle.

Subjects: UROLOGY
  • 4196.1

The diagnosis of stricture of the urethra by the roentgen rays.

Trans. Amer. Ass. gen.-urin. Surg., 5, 369-71, 1910.


Subjects: UROLOGY
  • 4196.2

Physiologic implantation of the severed ureter or common bile-duct into the intestine.

J. Amer. med. Assoc., 56, 397-403, 1911.

The modern method of uretero-intestinal anastomosis followed the experimental work of Coffey.

Subjects: UROLOGY
  • 4197

Ueber Leitungsanästhesie bei Nierenoperationen und Thorakoplastiken überhaupt bei Operationen am Rumpf.

Zbl. Chir., 39, 249-52, 1912.

Paravertebral anesthesia in urology.

  • 4198

X-ray studies of the seminal vesicles and vasa deferentia after urethroscopic injection of the ejaculatory ducts with thorium – a new diagnostic method.

Amer. J. Roentgenol, n.s. 7, 16-22, 1920.

Vesiculography first demonstrated.

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  • 4198.1

A new type of observation and operating cysto-urethroscope.

J. Urol., 10, 519-23, 1923.

McCarthy foroblique pan-endoscope.

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  • 4199

Roentgenography of the urinary tract during excretion of sodium iodide.

J. Amer. med. Assoc., 80, 368-73, 1923.

First use of sodium iodide in uretero-pyelography. With C. G. Sutherland and A. J. Scholl. 

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